A kind request to my Latvian visitors:
In the early summer of 2007 I visited your beautyfull country and I was astonished by its treasures cultural, as well as natural.
In my everlasting search for Art Nouveau architecture, I wandered through the part of Riga called: Mezaparks.
Not all of it was that beauty, but one house with a particular green/ white fence halfway Matera iela really deserved the name Art Nouveau.
It was spiteful that the occupier, busy in his garden, overreacted in a very hostile way at my request to make photographs.
I  wasn't able to do so, at that moment.
That is why I ask at this place if there's somebody with the courage to make there pictures of the house and fence at, for instance, an early sundaymorning.
Please mail them to me, accompanied with your adres and I'll send you the 10 Lats that rested from my hollidays.
Aldaru iela 2a-Smilsu iela 8
1902- Architects: Heinrich  Scheel- Friedrich Scheffel
Antonijas iela 8
1903 Arch. Konstatin Pekskens
Elisabetes iela 23
1903  Architect: Hermann Otto Hilbig
Skunu iela 10-12   1903
Architects: Heinrich Scheel - Friedrich Scheffel
Smilsu iela 2
1902 - Architect: Konstantin Peksens
Teatra iela 9 - 1903
Architects Heinrich Scheel and Friedrich Scheffel
A strange mix of baroque and Art Nouveau.
Kaleju iela 23
1903- Architect: Paul Mandelstamm
Meistaru iela 10
1909-Architect: Friedrich Scheffel
Some places in the garden city: Mezaparks.
Although not Art Nouveau; I really like the beauty of Riga's Liberty statue!